Prowler scowler
cat of night
tiny feline fright
dress me up with scalloped edges
silent stalking
city ledges


  1. Hi my name is Jane George and I am a UK based artist. I wanted you to know I linked to you today on my ART STOPPING SUNDAY POST.....yes i know a whole day in front of myself but i blame the Easter holidays, 3 kids have frazzled my brain to the point i don't know what day it even is! I love your work and wanted to share it....keep doing what you do and thank you for the magic! To see the post and links here is my post.... http://textgeorge.blogspot.co.uk/2014/04/art-stopping-sunday_26.html

  2. I came across your page via a Greek residency via a link to a link to a link. Love your words as much as the creatures. Fun, silly and poignant! Great Stuff!!