I am the good baby.
I never make a fuss.
Such a quiet child. No demands. I can be whatever you like.
But watch out:
for all my sweetness demands a devouring.
One day I may swallow this house, but right before I do I will speak all of the things that I never said.

ferocious dark monster,
I dwell below.
A secret I'll share
and now you know:

I am only a small child.

Not seeing my mother, I believe myself abandoned.
I grasp at everything I can - and my cry is always for "MORE!"

You know who I am.
I am the part of you that is the ocean.

You didn't know we are the same?
Why do you think your tears are full of salt?
Your sweat?
And blood?

How long will I cry?
How long will you keep doing this to yourself?