I am the good baby.
I never make a fuss.
Such a quiet child. No demands. I can be whatever you like.
But watch out:
for all my sweetness demands a devouring.
One day I may swallow this house, but right before I do I will speak all of the things that I never said.


  1. Ms Smith, you've cleverly written MY story! So true.

    I've only very recently discovered your work---from an ad on a current ceramics magazine. Oh, I LIKE it!

    Thanks and best wishes...

  2. oooo Bonnie Marie, I love all your creations and am so delighted to have found you, please tell me where I may buy :) or can I commission a piece from you that symbolises my life as a doll and toymaker ?? yours most sincerely, deb x

  3. Hauntingly achingly beautiful pieces and stories. X