little doll
grew underground
her eyes to see
what there was found
the dark
the seeds
the roots
grew leaves
and tiny trees
graced both her cheeks


Palest queen
of ice and snow

just lack of warmth
and H2O
In her camouflage of white
she nearly fades just out of sight.
A fortress of twigs will keep out most
except for those who can see
this ghost.


Cross my heart
and hope to die
Stick a needle in my eye
All my promises are breaking.
I know the cost
But who promised those things?
She no longer exists.


I am the good baby.
I never make a fuss.
Such a quiet child. No demands. I can be whatever you like.
But watch out:
for all my sweetness demands a devouring.
One day I may swallow this house, but right before I do I will speak all of the things that I never said.

ferocious dark monster,
I dwell below.
A secret I'll share
and now you know:

I am only a small child.

Not seeing my mother, I believe myself abandoned.
I grasp at everything I can - and my cry is always for "MORE!"

You know who I am.
I am the part of you that is the ocean.

You didn't know we are the same?
Why do you think your tears are full of salt?
Your sweat?
And blood?

How long will I cry?
How long will you keep doing this to yourself?


Once we loved. 
Then, we parted. 
My wings became arms again. 
I speak now and seldom sing. 
But some things can never be as before. I pay attention now to different things 
 I hear the tiniest insect move beneath the ground.
Small hopes keep me alive 

like the way leaves 
still sometimes 
from the stumps of trees.

Mystery of mysteries: what is given returns.

Because I could not 
speak they thought 
I could not hear. 
Because my mind 
was new they thought 
I could not notice. 
But I saw 
everything even the 
invisible and I heard 
everything including 
the silences. 
I never spoke of it 
but much later when 
I was alone 
again all my tears 
to red.