little doll
grew underground
her eyes to see
what there was found
the dark
the seeds
the roots
grew leaves
and tiny trees
graced both her cheeks


  1. Wow wow wow!
    It looks like you may have abandoned this blog Bonnie, but I found you through Phantasmaphile.com and can't get enough of your wonderful metaphors, so I'm expressing my awe in the void I suppose. Wonderful wonderful work. It reminds me of my early love for the sculpture of Elie Nadelman.
    I wish you great success.
    Today is June 11, 2011.

  2. hi Bonnie,
    i'm so happy to have found you!!
    your work is magical and reminds me of being a little girl again... all the potential wonder and adventure there is in the world..
    your work embodies that for me... and I just met you!
    thank you for being a genius!

  3. Dear Bonnie,
    i just discovered your blog (via kickcanandconkers) and... I'm speechless. It's been a very long time since i haven't been enchanted this way, and... just in awe before your incredible, breathtaking, amazing work.
    So: Thank you thank you thank you. For making the world even beautifuler... Thank you beaucoup!

  4. + I just read "The sorrows of an American" by Siri Hustvedt, and your work makes me think of it: There's a weird old lady in the story, she makes incredible dolls, and your work is close to how i imagined them while reading!

  5. Bonnie, thank you for being an artist that knows the value of people seeing her work. I found you on Pinterest. OH MY GOSH! What amazingly beautiful work! You may be my new favorite artist so please please please revive your blog!

  6. .. love this underground little doll!